Arifin Putra and Mike Lewis : Gentlesportsmen spirit with Baume & Mercier

20 Dec 2017 | Baume et Mercier Arifin Putra Mike Lewis

The true gentlesportsman plays, not just to win the game, but to play well. Win or lose, he is in control of his masculinity and never takes it out on his opponent or himself. Furthermore, he believes in teamwork, playing together to achieve a common goal and using strategies to get ahead. The gentlesportsman applies these principles not only when playing, but also in life.


The spirit of sportsmanship, athleticism and high adventure, these are some of the very ideals behind Baume & Mercier’s latest line of sports watches, the Clifton Club. Exuding sporting elegance as well as Swiss precision and fine craftsmanship, the Clifton Club can be worn for all occasions, whether in the boardroom or on the biking trails. To further convey the unique attributes of the line in Indonesia, Baume & Mercier collaborated with two popular Indonesian actors, Arifin Putra and Mike Lewis.

Renowned for his performance in “The Raid 2” and his recurring role in the HBO TV series, “Halfworlds”, Arifin Putra is the epitome of a manly man. Mike Lewis, with his dashing good looks, made his mark initially as a model and eventually went on to star in over 20 films, as well as TV shows. Close friends in real life, these two sporty and debonair gentlemen perfectly convey the gentlesportsman lifestyle in a concept film for Baume & Mercier.

Creatively rendered, showing unexpected wit and boldness, the film centres on sports and friendship, and shows Arifin and Mike having fun together. Dressed in formal suits, the two actors dive headfirst into a pool, then go on a ‘sporting’ expedition all over the beautiful island of Bali, including kayaking on Agung River and racing through the rice paddies of Jatiluwih, Tabanan. Their fun and frolicking end with well-deserved drinks as they reminisce about the adventurous day they had.

Together with Baume & Mercier, Arifin and Mike impart the very essence of the Clifton Club gentlesportsman. They will share the screen once again in their latest movie project, “FOXTROT 6”, slated for release in 2018. 

By Maria Zarah Gregorio Viado. Article is taken from The Time Place Magazine#60

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